Flower arrangement・Stationery・Outsourcing business

At BeNext With, through our business, we strive to promote the social independence of our staff with disabilities and advance initiatives aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDGs certified partner
SDGs certified partner

Flower arrangement business

The instructors who play a key role in this business have mastered the art of flower arrangement. They plan, design, and sell their creations, which makes all the pieces original to With.

Flower arrangement business

Stationery business

We take commissions from our group companies to recycle their unwanted paper. The paper goes through sorting and shredding processes to be turned into handcrafted calendars, promotional items, and more, utilizing the recycled material.

Stationery business

Outsourcing business

We handle administrative processes for various group companies, including digitalization and filing of documents, data entry into internal systems, and contract binding, at our three locations in Yokohama, Yotsuya, and Machida.

Outsourcing business
Promote SDGs
Gender Equality Reduced Inequalities

Creating a workplace where all employees are equal and individuals can thrive happily and prosperously.

  • Creating an inclusive workplace where individuals can thrive regardless of gender or disability (with a goal of achieving a 50% representation of female executives and ensuring that employees aged 60 and above, excluding individuals with disabilities, account for over 20% of the workforce).
  • Establishing various support systems tailored to employees' life stages, such as maternity, childcare, and caregiving support.
Reduced Inequalities
Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promoting economic participation through productive work, along with continued employment for individuals with disabilities.

  • Providing stable employment and growth by offering jobs that align with individual abilities.
  • Developing flexible work systems and promoting a proper work-life balance.
Responsible Consumption and Production Life Below Water Life On Land

Contributing to environmental conservation through paper recycling and the utilization and reuse of artificial flowers.

  • Reusing in-house waste paper for product development through papermaking. The water used in papermaking undergoes two stages of filtration before being discharged.
  • Implementing a revival plan that leverages environmentally friendly artificial flowers.
Life Below Water Life On Land

We are also proud to announce that we have been recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare with the Monisu Certification, a certification system for outstanding small and medium-sized businesses that make exemplary efforts to employ people with disabilities.