Our Purpose

Open up individual potential through rewarding work

First Door to societyVarious Doors for individual

Doors are Opportunities

New Job

Spirit Expressed by Our Purpose

Just as each individual has a different way of thinking about happiness,
We believe that rewarding work for workers is also diverse.

Our role is to create many doors to open up possibilities and a milestone
toward a rewarding work for each employee.

We support the workers to open the doors.
-For some people,
the challenge to a new job.
-For some people,
to improve their skills in training.
-For some people,
the time to consult future careers.

We believe that people will always grow and drive the society forward
when they open the next door.
We will increase the number of people who open the door to the next
to make society more diverse and prosperous.

We the Open Up Group exists to create such a future.

Spirit Expressed by Our Purpose