Outsourcing and contracting business for engineer temporary staffing, embedded software development, experimentation, evaluation, etc.

In the machinery and electronics domains, we cater to a wide array of industries including 'transport equipment,' 'semiconductor-related,' 'electrical and electronic equipment,' 'machinery,' 'information and telecommunications (IT),' and 'chemicals.' Numerous mid-level professionals are making significant contributions across these sectors. We serve a diverse range of clients, conducting transactions with over 900 companies. Furthermore, we also undertake contract work in areas such as embedded software design and development, production technology development, testing and evaluation, and information processing.

Number of Engineers in Machinery and Electronics
Number of Engineers in Machinery and Electronics area
※As of June 2023
Ratio of engineers by job type
Ratio of engineers by job type
※Ratio of engineers by job type(As of December 2023)
Create opportunities for engineers to work with peace of mind and challenge themselves to grow
BeNEXT Technologies Inc.
BeNEXT Technologies Inc.
Engineer Dispatch / Contracting & Contract Work / Consulting
96.3% of engineers feel a sense of growth "Sustainable growth" achieved through semi-annual trainings

We conduct a 'career brush-up' training program every six months for all of our engineers. This program supports them in reflecting on their progress and setting goals for further career advancement and personal growth.

"Career brush-up" to encourage autonomous reflection and growth

  • Reflect on the progress of goal attainment during the six-month period and set new goals and study plans
  • Review newly acquired skills and experience and update the list of skills held
  • Organize the desires for career advancement, such as a change of assignment or a change of employer
Career brush-up
Sense of growth
engineers feel a sense of growth

A survey was conducted among our engineers to determine whether they felt personal growth after joining the company. Many of them reported experiencing this growth when they "acquired new knowledge" or when they were able to "perform a broader range of tasks independently."

※This data was collected from an in-house web survey conducted in September 2022, with 4,783 respondents.

We would now like to share some direct testimonials from our engineers who have indeed experienced this growth.

I really felt a sense of growth when I was trusted to handle everything from the initial meeting to discuss specifications to the final assessment in program development. It was a very rewarding experience.


Engineer who joined as a new graduate in 2020 and works as an embedded development engineer at an industrial equipment manufacturer

I felt a sense of growth when I became able to smoothly carry out tasks that I had previously struggled with in my development work, and when I noticed an improvement in the pace of my work.


Engineer who joined as a new graduate in 2019 and works as a control design engineer at an industrial machinery manufacturer

I felt a sense of growth when I was able to smoothly carry out tasks that I had been unable to do well in development work, and when I was able to improve the speed of my work.


Joined the company as a new graduate in 2019 / Works for an industrial machinery manufacturer / Control design engineer

Induction training to work as an engineer

Our company offers introductory training to new graduates and those inexperienced in the field, equipping them with the necessary skills to tackle the challenges of the engineering world. By helping trainees to learn the basics in mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as important considerations as an engineer, we support the success of everyone's projects.

Career brush-up
BeNEXT Solutions Inc.
BeNEXT Solutions Inc.
Embedded Software Development / Image Recognition Software Development
Supporting you to take on the next challenge, with respect for each individual's values and humanity

High quality training and education system to acquire skills from scratch

We offer opportunities for you to learn skills and knowledge that are essential across various fields, and we provide an environment for personal skill development. Training is meticulously designed to align with each individual's progress, from basic courses in the "C language," which is integral to our technology, to practical training that mirrors real work situations.

Career brush-up

Able to build a diverse career

We handle system development not only for conventional fields such as engines, brakes, car navigation, and body control, but also for next-generation vehicles like hybrid and electric cars. In addition, leveraging our extensive expertise, technical capabilities, and development methods gained from years of automotive software development, we are expanding our operations into new development areas poised for future technological innovations. These include domains like Mobility as a Service (MaaS), IoT systems, and image recognition systems related to autonomous driving.

Career brush-up

Ability to engage in a wide range of development work

In order to bring the systems our clients envision to life, BeNext Solutions takes on development from the early stages in many projects, including requirements analysis and design. We offer an environment where one can be consistently involved in all aspects of software development, encompassing later stages such as coding, evaluation, and validation.

Career brush-up