About our company name

We have changed our company name to "Open Up Group Inc." on January, 2023.* The words included in the new company name "Open Up" are derived from the first two words of our Purpose in English. In other words, we concisely express our Purpose in the new company name and represent our strong determination to "realize our Purpose without fail."

*Former company name: BeNext-Yumeshin Group Co.

About our company symbol

The brand symbol of Open Up Group Inc. is designed based on our Purpose "Open up individual potential through rewarding work" and our role "Create many doors to open up possibilities and a milestone toward a rewarding work for each employee."
Based on the motif of a door, the bright orange shapes symbolize "individual potential and opportunities" which we provide. The "U" of the typeface represents "enthusiasm" and "growth" meant by "UP."

Open Up brand logo

The colors are composed of "OPEN UP Orange" which signifies "passion (red)" and "positiveness (yellow)" and "OPEN UP Gray" which provides trust to workers.