Temporary staffing, outsourcing, and contracting services for client companies' manufacturing processes, etc.

BeNext Partners is a staffing agency committed to providing job opportunities that align with job seekers' lifestyles and contributing to community development. We offer employment in a broad range of sectors and roles within the manufacturing industry. Our process prioritizes the preferences and aspirations of job seekers, creating matches that lead to fulfilling, long-term employment. Additionally, we have a robust follow-up system in place, supporting employees as they progress in their careers.

Specialized in manufacturing temporary staffing and outsourcing
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Over 2,700 Skilled Workers in Service
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Number of Manufacturing Skilled Workers
※As of June 2023
※As of July 2022
Support system to maximize the potential of job seekers

Ensuring a safe and secure work environment

We also strive to enhance the work environment, such as preparing facilities for women who work night shifts.

Support for future certification attainment

You can acquire qualifications such as forklift, crane, and slinging at the company's expense. You will also receive an allowance upon obtaining a certification.

Support for future certification attainment

Consultation services for employees

To ensure that you can work with peace of mind, we have established a consultation service where both our legal department and external organizations are available for consultations.

Abundant projects with a wide range of options

We have around 610 clients, offering a wide variety of industries and job types in the manufacturing sector to choose from.

Individual-focused matching

We prioritize your needs, such as "I want to work close to home" or "I want to do work that involves using my hands," when matching you to jobs.

Consultation services for employees
Support for future certification attainment
Consultation services for employees